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Urban Design and Construction Ltd. is a full service General Contractor offering a wide range of commercial contractor services including new buildings, tenant finish, restaurants, retail, office space, hair and nail salons, additions, ADA restrooms, remodeling, repair, and restoration to name a few. 

Our hands-on management, workmanship, quality tools, materials, and methods, along with a positive relationship with clients, subs, neighbors, and City Officials result in a smooth, pleasurable venture that adheres to timetables and budgets.

A full range of Residential contractor services are also available. 

Our in-house design and decorating team streamline the process to speed up your project, saving time and money. 
We usually are able to eliminate the need for an architect! Do you have just an idea, a sketch, or full fledged plans? We can take any of those and generate ready to submit plans for permits, usually in just a few days. Then our decorating designer will work with you to decide what fits your theme, style, and budget, and pick materials that are suitable, stylish, and stay within your budget. Then we submit your plans to the city or county for permits, saving you from dealing with them. When the permit issues, our experienced construction team goes to work, building the infrastructure, finish, and decor to get you open as soon as possible. From concept to completion, we can help with all phases.

Our slogan - "Service - Integrity - Style" is not just a gimmick. 
We believe in outstanding service to our customers; integrity in all the things we do - doing the right thing, always; and bringing style to your project by helping select appropriate and cost-effective materials in a cohesive and systematic way throughout to realize your dream space.

We believe in City and County Permits!
Some people will tell you that building departments "are just after your money" when you get a permit. This is not the case. Plans submitted to building departments are carefully checked to make sure they meet code requirements, zoning, and life-safety issues.  When the permit is issued, it automatically comes with inspections - an opportunity for seasoned building experts (building inspectors) to look at the project as it progresses. Everyone is human, and mistakes sometimes get made, or possibly something in the plans gets overlooked or changed. The inspection process insures someone from the outside double checks the work to make sure it's done correctly and safely. We welcome inspectors to our job sites, and are glad they are there to check on us.  

Yes, permits cost money. But for what you receive, it's a bargain. If someone tells you they can do a job without a permit - call the City or County building department and ask - they will be happy to answer any questions. While you are talking to them, ask if the contractor you are planning to hire has the proper license to do the work you are asking them to do.

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